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Wonderful Wunder Inn

For decades now, hospitality has been the Lantschner family’s passion. As the second generation of Lantshners is stepping into business, they focus on genuine warmth and friendliness. The whole family takes part in the Lantschner's formula for success: To offer good service and products, while remaining true to oneself and the local characteristics. And, with a strong passion for their trade, they are now running the Gasthof Wunder Inn in Auna di Sotto.

The picturesque village is situated on a south-facing, natural terrace, with a breathtaking view of the South Tyrolean mountain landscape. The mild climate contributes to it being a place for dreaming, relaxing and enjoying life amid the town’s many apple trees. In the middle of this idyllic town you will find the Wunder: a village inn with history, where young and old meet, where tradition is reanimated and colorful. Thanks to the Lantschner family, the Wunder is neither old-fashioned nor frumpy, because they know: the best you can get is usually the simplest.
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